Aesthetic Concern - Temples

Sunken Temples

Temples denote the sides of our head behind our eyes and beneath them lies the temporal bones. The mounting effects of aging are especially apparent in this area. Why?

A youthful looking face is usually convex, generally round and full with uniform allocation of deep fatty and subcutaneous tissue. The loss of facial volume with age (soft-tissue atrophy and skeletal changes) especially in the temporal and buccal regions contributes to sunken temples.

In addition, fat loss or lipoatrophy or adipose loss is also common with age and it is most apparent in one’s face, giving rise to a more skeletal appearance and sunken temples.


How We Treat Indented Temples?

Sunken temples are treated with hyaluronic-acid fillers as they are minimally invasive with instant and effective restoration of temporal volume loss.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can help you to achieve your youthful previous facial structures without any bruising or down-time.