Does Laser Hurt?

Does laser hurt the skin?

Many people think that lasers make skin become thinner and weak. Well, lasers do not cause skin to become weak and thin. In fact, the controlled heating and wound action of a laser treatment actually induces the natural skin reaction of collagen and elastin formation to replace the damaged skin. Laser provider should have well understanding of the limitations of the laser equipment which applying to your skin. By that, even you do repeatedly of laser treatment will not harm your skin.

Second thing you have to really careful about is where you choose to get your laser treatment done. Medi-spas and salons often offer laser treatment such as hair removal treatment which is much cheaper than at doctor’s clinics, but the staff is often not well-trained or experienced. Remember, safety is a key concern. Therefore, your best bet is always a board certified doctor’s clinic.

Medley can treat your following skin problems:

· Active long standing acne
· Pigmentation on skin
· Sensitive skin
· Dull skin
· Hairy skin

Before and after the active acne treatment.

Pic shown before & after the laser treatment.

Q-Switched Laser can treat your following skin problems:

· Pigmentation
· Facial hair
· Dark eye ring
· Unwanted tattoo

Cutera laser can treat your following skin problems:

· Hair removal
· Broken capillaries
· Vein

Fraxel laser can treat your following skin problems:

· Acne scars
· Surgery scars
· Freckles
· Age/Sun spots

Fraxel is a non-invasive laser therapy that cure acne scars effectively. Significant improvement can be seen within 1 treatment which is done by Dr Anshaw.

Pictures shown are original non edit photo.

Fractional CO2 laser can treat your following skin problems:

· Mole removal
· Oil cyst removal
· Surgery/ Acne scar

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